The Science Of Sound

Everything in the universe relates to vibrating frequencies. From subatomic particles to every aspect of the human body, frequencies are in charge of controlling the form and function of nature. In biology, it is known that the brain's mechanisms are controlled by brainwaves and this correlates to all the body's functions. It is also well known that cells themselves communicate through frequency transmissions. In the science of sound healing, we combine our knowledge of nature's method of creating form and function through frequency transmissions with our ability to create specific sound frequencies and combinations to induce responses from our physiology. Through this practice we are able to effectively change and benefit the functions of the human body. We can induce the body to heal by introducing sound frequencies that mirror your body's own healing mechanisms.

Healing Mind, Body And Soul

The sound bath is an ancient method of healing and rejuvenation that may have been used for longer periods of time than we have historical records for.

Although it is commonly assumed that these practices developed in south-east Asia, there are remnants of documentation that might take these practices far back into the ancient Egyptian empire and even further back in history.

The sound bath can heal your mind by inducing meditative trances and clearing your mind of blockages.

The sound bath can heal your body by mimicking frequencies your body uses to heal itself.

The sound bath can heal your soul by connecting your mind and body to the universal frequencies that created and shaped the entire cosmos.

Sound Baths bring on such a peace of mind and make me feel like I'm in another place or world free from worry, sorrow and stress.

Misho Milicevic

It was fabulous, because I could feel the vibrations going through my body. When you are there in person, the vibrations from the bowls, can actually break up knots that are causing pain in your body. It was a wonderful experience. I will be doing it again, soon.

Deborah Hutchins

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