26" Earth Gong For Sound Healing

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The sound pattern of the Chinese gong (Chau gong) unfolds in a powerful and dynamic way and produces a wide range of overtones. Depending on the way of striking the instrument, we can produce a wide variety of different sound results. When struck strongly, the result is a rumbling bass, when struck lightly, we can produce buzzing overtones.

Gongs are made of bronze. The primary alloys in the creation of a Gong are made of copper and tin, but small amounts of lead, silver and gold are often added to alter the characteristics of the sound. The production of a Gong includes the process of forging, hammering, and tuning. Musicians use a variety of tools that generate different types of sounds. These include Gong Mallets of Lambskin, Solid Woolen Mallets, Soften Silicon Mallets

Diameter (in): 26"
Weight (kg): 6
Colour: Bronze colour
Material: B20(78%copper and 22%tin)
Craft: 100% handmade