18" Deep Wave Gong for Sound Therapy

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The Wind or Feng gongs are flat, rimless and highly polished all over, similar to a cymbal. The wind gong is lighter than the Chao in both weight and in tone. If the Chao gong is earth, the Wind gong is sky with a brighter, more diffuse sound.

Wind gongs are ideal as a portable hand-held gong for use in workshops and yoga classes.

All gongs are supplied with a playing mallet. All sizes are approximate.

Made using traditional methods while utilizing top formulas to make updated improvements.

Our gongs are made to reflect perfect sound. Our processes are casting, tempering, forming, lathing, polishing and toning.

Stand not included.

Diameter (in): 18"
Weight (kg): 1.87
color: Black and brass
Material: B20(78%copper and 22%tin)
Craft: 100% handmade